Apple Vision Pro exploded in the middle of the night. 7 years to hold out the strongest head display, revolution space calculation

Apple Vision Pro exploded in the middle of the night. 7 years to hold out the strongest head display, revolution space calculation


only 5 minutes after the sale started, the server was already crowded. The pre-sale took half an hour and the physical store sold out directly.


The last time Apple caught the world’s attention like this was in 2007, when the first iPhone was launched.

For seventeen years, Apple has been looking for the “next iPhone”. Will Vision Pro be the product that opens a new chapter?

If the iPhone opened the door to mobile computing, then Vision Pro is likely to lead us into a new era of spatial computing.


In terms of configuration, Apple has given three specifications: 256GB, 512GB and 1TB, priced at $3,499 , $3,699 and $3,899 respectively.


Netizens are posting orders one after another

As the pre-sale time approaches, some netizens are ready to go and have coded several devices to compete with their hands.


Netizens who are quick have already received the confirmation email.


Under Cook’s Twitter, enthusiastic Apple fans expressed that they had already placed orders.

”Can’t wait to try this space computer!”

Some people don’t have enough money, so they simply take out a loan to buy it.

This loyal Apple fan said that in 1984, when he was still in college, he spent all his savings to buy an original Macintosh. And this is the best decision I have ever made, because it directly changed the trajectory of my life.

And this morning, the first thing he did was order the Vision Pro, hoping it would spark that magic again.

”I’m already in tears…can’t wait to get my unit on February 2nd."

"The Matrix is ​​really here!”

And this level is not that easy! (Manual dog head)


Vision Pro production line revealed

As pre-orders began, Cook posted this video showing how a Vision Pro is built.

image image image image image

The official tutorial is here!

At the same time, Apple also released a 9-minute official demonstration to teach you how to use Vision Pro. For example, pinch the lower right corner and drag to enlarge the photo.


When viewing “space” videos, you can even move your body to watch from different angles, as if you are immersed in the scene.


When you are immersed, just turn your head towards the person speaking and you can immediately see and realize the communication.


In terms of productivity, you can not only experience the large work space directly on Vision Pro.


Moreover, it can also turn your computer monitor into a giant screen instantly.


Opening the door to spatial computing?

I still remember that in June last year, Cook announced the exciting “One More Thing”. For this day, Apple’s entire team has been planning for seven years. As Cook said, this will usher in the era of spatial computing, which shows that Vision Pro is of great significance to everyone. Apple Vision Pro is the most advanced consumer electronics device ever. Its revolutionary and magical user interface will redefine the way we connect, create and explore.


Now, fans who have been waiting for a long time can finally wait for the official pre-sale day. This “spatial computing” headset is equipped with a 4K display, allowing users to freely switch between VR and AR through the dial. In addition to Apple’s previous generation M2 chip, Vision Pro is also equipped with a specially customized R1 processor and 16GB of unified memory. And with the support of the new visionOS operating system, users can operate with only their eyes, hands or voice.

So, what is Vision Pro’s core competitiveness? Apple hasn’t made it clear yet, only describing the headset as a productivity tool and entertainment device. However, the revolutionary significance of Vision Pro lies in its ability to interconnect all Apple products and display them in space. As previously demonstrated, it can project your Mac’s screen directly into the air like a portable monitor for multitasking. At the same time, applications, photos, and videos on iPhone and iPad can also be viewed at will.


The immersive streaming and gaming experience is even more exciting! Although most people think of it as a VR or AR headset, Apple prefers it to be called a spatial computer. Maintenance fee is up to $2,399 Of course, this $3,500 device is not cheap to repair. Just to replace the front glass panel, you need to pay $799; if the damage is caused by other reasons, the cost is as high as $2,399. However, for users who purchase AppleCare+, it only costs $299.

The screen is great, the immersion is great, the eye tracking works like magic , but it’s just too heavy

In recent days, people on the Internet have been testing and experiencing it. The biggest problem that has been exposed so far is that the headset is too heavy and gives people a headache.

After all, the weight of the Vision Pro host has reached 600-650g, and this does not include the 353g external battery. Marques Brownlee, a well-known foreign technology blogger, once complained that Vision Pro is good in everything, but it is too heavy.

First time wearing it: The display is amazing, the eye tracking is magic, it feels futuristic, but it’s too heavy. The second time I put it on: It’s very immersive, and the spatial video experience is hit or miss, but it’s really too heavy. The third time I put it on: The typing experience is great, and there are some cool applications, but it’s just too heavy…

In addition, Engadget reporter Cherlynn Low also complained that she began to “feel pain” after just five minutes, and within 15 minutes, she “began to feel overwhelmed by the equipment.” The Verge’s Victoria Song said that at the end of the 30-minute demo, she “started to feel the weight of the headset” and then felt a slight headache. In fact, some people have predicted before that weight will become the most significant problem plaguing Vision Pro. After hearing everyone’s feedback, Apple has changed the single strap on the head to a double strap, but as the wearing time increases, it will still cause headaches for many users. In order to equip themselves with sufficient head strength, netizens have started targeted training in the gym.

image image

Some netizens said that this is what I looked like after wearing Apple Vision Pro 24 hours a day for a week.

The neck injury after wearing Vision Pro is as shown in the picture on the right below.

Since you can’t change the weight of Vision Pro, change yourself. Some people suggest that you simply wear Vision Pro, hold weights in your hands and use an APP to exercise, and use magic to defeat magic.


A reporter from The Verge wrote that it took him half an hour to find that there is no significant difference between Vision Pro and VR headsets such as Meta Quest, but the design and fabric headband will appear more “fruity”. And once you put it on, it feels like “it’s sitting on your head.”

Eye tracking is fast and accurate, and when your eyes move to a menu item, it’s instantly highlighted. She said that although she had read other people’s reviews before, she realized how crazy it was when she actually experienced it. So, will Vision Pro become the next revolutionary device on the iPhone level? I believe we will have the answer soon.

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